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Grades 5-8

At Rhema Christian School, we know that adolescence can be tough for parents and students, yet junior high students remain an exciting group to teach. Our goal is to help our students to become accountable and responsible before God and man by providing them with a challenging Christian education and a supportive Christian environment. We work to preserve the values instilled by families during a time of tremendous peer pressure. Our team of teachers works closely together to provide an atmosphere where students can grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.



5th Grade | English Foundations - This course will focus on building the foundations students need in order to be successful in middle school English. Skills include: oral reading, sentence structure, vocabulary building, spelling, summarization, reading comprehension, creative writing, and the research paper process.

6th Grade | Writing Skills - This course is heavily focused on developing strong writing skills in various areas. Through the study of each unit, the main focus will be on developing students’ ability to write thesis statements with defensible claims, clearly express thoughts, analyze the author’s meaning and connect themes through writing. Students will study various authors and see how an author’s background affects their writing style.

7th Grade | Lessons Through Literature - This course is heavily discussion and journal based. Through the study of various texts, students will be wrestling with important questions, issues and themes that apply to our lives today. Students will work to communicate their thoughts through class discussions and journal responses.

8th Grade | History in Literature - This course will help students in developing empathy and awareness through the study of historical literature. We examine how the setting and historical time period affect literature. This course is designed to help students to think critically about a text, be able to annotate, and independently construct formal essays.


5th Grade | Science Methodology - General Science 5 will focus on introducing students to the scientific method, which is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. Students will ask a question, research, make a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, evaluate results, and make a conclusion. Each student will recognize the diversity of God's Creation through the study of nature, light, the earth, and energy.

6th Grade | General Science - Science 6 is a year of general science with overviews of living things, earth science, and energy in motion. Students will become more aware of God’s design of the universe through observation and organized investigation. Science 6 reveals the incredible intricacies of cells and organisms, the complexities of our changing Earth, matter and energy, and beyond our Earth in astronomy.  

7th Grade | Life Science, an Introduction to Biology - Life Science explores the complexities of living things. Students will examine the diversity of God’s Creation through this introduction to the biology course. Classifying living things, organisms, and cells serves as the foundation for life science. Heredity and the origin of life are explored while investigating cell division, the genetics of organisms, and Biblical creationism. Concepts in microbiology and plant biology are introduced, including the classification kingdoms.

8th Grade | Physical Science, an Introduction to Chemistry and Physics - Physical Science is the study of nonliving things. Students will demonstrate connections between matter and motion. The first unit investigates chemistry which includes the properties of matter, states of matter, atomic structure, and the periodic table. The physics unit will focus on force, motion, and Newton's Laws.


5th Grade | Foundational Mathematics - Students will develop an understanding and build fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. They will learn how to convert customary and metric units of measurement and extend prior knowledge of perimeter and area to include volume. Students will be introduced to ordered pairs and how to graph them on a coordinated plane.

6th Grade | Transitional Mathematics - Students will build fluency with multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. They are introduced to integers and graphing in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. Students will gain understanding of ratios, rates, and percent and how they relate to multiplication and division. They will also learn basic algebraic concepts such as writing, interpreting, solving, and graphing algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities to prepare them for Pre-Algebra.

6-7th Grade | Pre-Algebra - Students will apply the foundations of basic math to algebraic concepts. There will be emphasis on the properties associated with operations and equality. They will also explore the many ways to view, represent, and graph linear functions.

7-8th Grade | Algebra 1 - Students will apply skills learned in Pre-Algebra to advanced algebraic concepts. There will be emphasis on properties and higher-order equations. They will also explore the many ways to view, represent, and graph linear, exponential, and quadratic functions.

8th Grade | Geometry -  Students will apply their algebraic skills to geometric concepts. They will learn how to form and organize a formal proof. There will be emphasis on properties of parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, polygons, and circles. They will also look at the many ways to prove congruence and similarity.


5th Grade | Old World History and Geography (Eastern Hemisphere) - This class is a study of ancient world history, including the foundation of Eastern civilizations, belief systems, commerce, exploration, governments, migration through necessity and countries seeking independence. This class familiarizes students with the world using the five geographic themes and essential elements. Students should develop skills and knowledge about location, place, movement and human-environmental interaction.

6th Grade | New World History and Geography (Western Hemisphere) - Students will study the social and cultural growth that occurred over time in the Western Hemisphere. Students will develop higher levels of critical thinking by considering why civilizations developed where and when they did, why they became dominant, and why they declined. Students analyze the interactions among the various cultures, emphasizing their enduring contributions and the link, despite time, between the contemporary and ancient worlds. Students will be able to examine the impact of geographic factors on major events and migration patterns.

7th Grade | World History - This course is designed to challenge the students’ ability to analyze primary sources, enhance understanding of causation and expand comprehension of the political, cultural, and economic themes that run throughout World History. This course will serve to further the understanding of historical content and develop sharper reading and writing skills. We will examine the scope of history through both a global lens and a biblical lens.

8th Grade | American History - American History provides students with the opportunity to acquire an understanding of the chronological development of the American people and government by examining the political, economic, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural events that have affected the rise and growth of the nation. Students will use a variety of primary and secondary source materials to understand and interpret the past, including multiple points of view and historical context.


5th Grade | Art Elements – Students are introduced to multiple art mediums, tools and techniques throughout the year. They will learn to appreciate art biblically with elements of art, (line, shape, space, color, value, texture, and form) and principles of design, (rhythm, movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis and unity). Each student will be encouraged to develop skills and techniques that will improve their artwork with demonstrations during class. Each lesson topic will contain an artist with an art history implication.

6th Grade | Art Mediums – Christian art appreciation is the goal for this class. Each month they will learn about two different Christian artists. Each student will start with an art portfolio which will be developed throughout the year. As students progress through the course, they are challenged in art to use their creativity and develop artistically. Exploring different mediums, such as oil pastels, acrylic paint, watercolors, color pencils, clay and 3D sculptures from recycled materials. Students will start a virtual portfolio at this level.

7th Grade | Art Techniques – Students will experiment with a variety of media to create visual artworks. The elements of art are stressed in two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional work. Students will begin to apply art principles in their art expression. The development and application of basic techniques and skills are stressed. Students will express their ideas by using art as a form of communication. Students learn to respect their own ideas and artistic expressions and those of others as they analyze and evaluate works of art.

8th Grade | Art Development – Students will work on hands-on projects based on Biblical scriptures. They will explore in great depth how artistic talents should be developed by the Lord through prayer. They will work collaboratively to explore the artistic process from idea development, to plan design, to construction, and finally to presentation of each project. They will fully develop their visual journals, and they will have a senior project to develop and complete throughout the year.


5th Grade | Choir - Students will continue building upon the musical concepts they have learned by singing in parts and reading musical scores. Students will prepare and perform for our annual Christmas concert. During the second half of the year, we will incorporate other songs from movies, musicals, current Christian hits, etc.

6th Grade | Choir Students will continue building upon the musical concepts they have learned by singing in parts and reading musical scores. Students will prepare and perform for our annual Christmas concert. During the second half of the year, we will incorporate other songs from movies, musicals, current Christian hits, etc.

7th Grade | Guitar - In this course, students will continue their musical knowledge by learning the basics of guitar. The focus will be on learning chords, strumming patterns, and reading lead sheets. Lessons will also incorporate what worship is and why it is an important aspect of our faith.

8th Grade | Music Appreciation - For the first half of the year, students will continue with guitar and will begin developing keyboard skills. The second half of the year, students will study an overview of music as they learn the different genres, music in movies, and musicals.                                                                   


2nd - 4th Grades | Spanish Culture - Students learn basic Spanish in a natural, situation-based setting without detailed grammatical explanations using Total Physical Response (TPR), the use of the kinesthetic sensory system to assimilate information and skills. The students will recite greetings and other useful phrases, learn basic vocabulary about many common topics, and gain awareness of the variety of customs and cultures in the Hispanic world through a Biblical worldview.

5th - 6th Grade | Introduction to Spanish - The sixth-grade language course is the first level of a three-level Middle School Spanish program. The students will use many simple communicative topics, use basic structural aspects of the language, make connections to the lesson with the cultural capsules provided, and review each Spanish-speaking country with a geographical and cultural overview and Biblical Integration

7th Grade- Spanish 1A - Spanish 1A consists of six units: Friends, Home, Class, Shopping, Food, and Sports. It is a formal language course which teaches the four basic communication skills of understanding, speaking, reading, writing and use of the kinesthetic sensory system through Total Physical Response to enhance the learning of these skills. Students will research and study about Hispanic countries and people, ask questions in Spanish, read and complete comprehension questions, use proper grammar in writing, listen and recite proper pronunciation, memorize scripture, and demonstrate cultural differences. 

8th Grade- Spanish 1B - Spanish 1B consists of one review unit and five new units: Sports, Health, Traveling, Vacation, Hobbies, and Daily Routines. The students will develop awareness of how Spanish can make them more useful to God's service and how to appreciate the diversity of God's creation and grow in their love of all of God's people. Students will research and study about Hispanic countries and people, ask questions in Spanish, read and complete comprehension questions, use proper grammar in writing, listen and recite proper pronunciation, memorize scripture, and demonstrate cultural differences. 


5th Grade | Computer 5 - Google Skills and Programing - Intermediate -  Students are introduced to formatting a formal MLA research paper in Google Docs. They also build upon their skills in Google Sheets, Slides, and Draw. Students are also introduced to Blockly, visual block drag and drop computer programming.

6th Grade |Computer 6 - Google Skills and Programming - Competent - Students focus on formatting a formal MLA research paper in Google Docs. Students also dive deeper into Google Sheets, Slides, and Google Draw. Further exploration with Blockly, visual block drag and drop computer programming takes place.

7th Grade | Computer 7 - Google Skills and Programming - Proficient - Students focus on formatting a formal MLA research paper in Google Docs. Extensive projects in Google Slides take place. Students continue to progress through Blockly, visual block drag and drop computer programming.

8th Grade | Computer 8 - LEGO Mindstorms - Students focus on formatting a formal MLA research paper in Google Docs. The students will explore robotics and computer programming with LEGO Mindstorms.


PE Grade 5 - The primary goal of Personal Fitness is to provide instruction, model behaviors, and teach activities that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This course will introduce students to physical fitness, focusing on the benefits of overall strength and cardiovascular health. Using the basics of strength training and conditioning programs to suit individual needs, students will participate in many activities that will improve their overall fitness and strength.

Olympic units (during Olympic years both winter and summer)

PE  - Grade 5 - The emphasis in grade 5 is on the application of movement and motor skills in lead-up or modified games. The critical elements for each motor skill, as well as game concepts, are at a biomechanics development level. Cognitive knowledge and game tactics that support each area will also be taught. Students will look to master throwing, catching, running and visually tracking.

PE – Grade 6 - Students in grade 6 will gain awareness and understanding of the relationship between physical activity and strategy while developing the knowledge and skills for both team and individual sports. Students will enhance their skills through various activities that will include soccer, basketball, hockey, track and field. Sportsmanship and how God wants us to treat others will be a focus as students become more competitive.

PE – Grade 7 - Students in grade 7 will gain awareness and understanding through an emphasis on team activities. Students will continue to enhance their skills through various activities that will include soccer, basketball, hockey, track and field on a developmentally appropriate level. Team building game adaptations for difficulty level will be utilized, as will additional challenges of jumping rope, individual long and team long rope. How to let His light shine through you on the field of competition will be a theme throughout the course.

PE – Grade 8 - Students in grade 8 will gain emphasis on learning to work as a team to solve problems. Cooperative games will be used to improve communication and collaboration skills. Inclusive activities to allow students to learn and appreciate leadership opportunities and challenges will be increased through activities from prior years. These activities will include; soccer, basketball, hockey, jump rope, long rope, track and field. Opportunities to utilize sports as a platform for sharing the love of Jesus will be discussed and proposed as an additional challenge for students.


6th Grade - Healthy Habits - Students will learn overall well-being (wellness wheel) with spiritual well-being at the center of every decision regarding health. Students will learn the need to maintain and improve their health and wellness by developing skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary to improve their quality of life. Content includes; nutrition, physical fitness, personal safety, immune system, healthy relationships, puberty, and God's design for sex, personal hygiene, bullying and cyberbullying.

7th Grade – Health and Fitness - Students will explore how behaviors influence their health and well-being while demonstrating skill application. Students will acquire knowledge to build and maintain a healthy body. Content includes; nutrition, fueling body performance, digestive, circulatory and muscular/skeletal systems, cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, body types, bulimia, anorexia, first aid, conflict resolution and spiritual well-being.

8th Grade – Healthy Relationships - Students will analyze the process of goal-setting and decision-making, as well as interpersonal communication, self-management, and self-advocacy. Students will explore how behaviors influence their health and well-being. Content includes; putting God first, thinking of and loving others, dating and healthy relationships, mental and emotional disorders, suicide, depression, anxiety, euthanasia, abortion, organ donation, substance abuse, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, death, the grieving process.


Journalism - This course is designed to allow students to explore events going on at the school and have their articles published in the school’s weekly newsletter. Students will learn how to find the angle of a story, construct an article, the editing process, the importance of truth-telling, and proper journalism ethics. 

Strength and Conditioning - This course will encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle and add physical exercise into their daily routine to keep their bodies strong and healthy! This course will challenge and develop overall fitness.

Chain Reactions - Rube Goldberg Machines - Students will problem solve to construct a Rube Goldberg Machine which is a contraption of chain reactions.  This fun and exciting chain reaction machine will accomplish a simple task in a very complicated manner.  Course goals include creating, testing, and revising a plan.  Building supplies include marbles, dominoes, and other everyday objects. 

Carnival Engineering - Do you like carnival rides or games?  Design and build a ferris wheel, swing ride, pirate ship or other amusement park ride.  Carnival games such as skee ball, foosball, or finger baseball will be great additions to the mini-park.  The carnival will promote creative problem solving, persistence, and recognizing opportunities to improve designs.  Brainstorm, imagine, and create carnival rides or games from paper and cardboard.  

Project Design & Engineering - Students will explore the engineering design process.  The focus will be to define a problem, imagine and develop possible solutions, plan, create, and improve the design.  Projects include building towers, bridges, and structures with everyday objects such as spaghetti, cardboard, and paper.

Mystery Challenge - LEGO bricks and K’NEX rods will promote creativity and imagination to generate and extend a design beyond the initial idea. The mystery challenges provide students with an opportunity to build in nontraditional ways while promoting perseverance and exploration.

Art of Clay - Each student will learn how to create with their hands starting with a simple pinch pot creature to a sculptured slab work of art.  They will learn the terminology and the processes of clay and why each stage is vital to a masterpiece of artwork. Including why our heavenly Father refers to us as clay! They will be experimenting with kiln firings and glaze effects. 

Art of Painting -  Each student will be exploring different mediums on different substrates in creating their inspirational artwork. There will be discussions about Art History and how certain artists developed their own style of art. Definitions will be part of every class to develop an appreciation for art history. Through this art class, the student will learn one-, two-, and three-point perspectives while developing skills using different tools for painting. A syllabus will be given at the beginning of class that will be followed and each student will know what is required of them.

Sketch Book Journals -  Each student will develop drawing skills from every aspect of art using pencil, chalk, pastels and watercolor pencils.  Learning detail drawing, perspective, shading, quick sketches and still life displays, will encourage motivation to create scripture verses. Students will study different artists and how their styles through history affected our art styles today. Especially Christian Artists and how their talents are used in the Church today.  

Health and Nutrition - Students will utilize this health and nutrition curriculum to explore the physical, social, mental, and spiritual concepts that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Students who will gain an awareness of how they can actively promote a healthy lifestyle throughout all the stages of their lives. Health can be taken for granted and addressed only when an issue occurs. It’s also something that is typically related to physical function only, but in reality, it is so much more.

Drama - Students will work on the art of acting.  This will be done through recreating favorite movie scenes, studying musicals, and learning how to best express emotion to make a scene authentic.

Budgets and Checkbooks - Students will create and build business and personal budgets based on costs and revenue. Once a budget has been utilized, students will learn to enter and balance personal transactions with a checkbook ledger sheet. Students will culminate the course by building personal budgets and checkbook practices.

Yearbook - Students will design the school yearbook. Students will work on sections, themes, colors and layout. Students will also learn basic photography and begin to take pictures for school events and set up remembrance pages. Students will work with teachers to capture key moments in the curriculum.

Concert Band - Concert Band  offers instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments with a focus on the skills necessary for long-term student success. Fundamentals stressed include proper posture and playing position, development of characteristic tone quality and training in music literacy. The school is able to provide many of the larger and/or more expensive instruments.  Students of any grade level are welcome. These groups will perform in the Winter and Spring Band Concerts.