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Raising up Godly leaders


Thank you for your interest in donating to Rhema Christian School!  Click the DONATE button below to be taken to a secure site to complete your donation. 


Close out your holiday season with a tax-deductible contribution. 

Bless to Rhema's current students and the generations to come!


This year we have SEVEN crucial areas highlighted below - all different price ranges that can be achieved by one individual or through group funding.  Each of these areas impacts the students in different ways, so we are offering you the ability to choose how you want to impact the children. 

You also have the option to direct your donation to “use where needed” which will fill in the gaps for any goals that fall short. 


$250 Electric Basketball Winch

Did you know that every time we raise or lower the basketball hoop that is in front of the stage, someone has to use a hand crank to inch it all the way into position?  An electric basketball winch would automatically raise/lower the gym basketball hoop!


$1,500 Outside Storage

Recess is one of the most important periods of the day for elementary aged children.  Thankfully Rhema has lots of outdoor toys and equipment for our little ones to enjoy!   However, we still need a locked space to shelter the larger equipment from the weather.


$3,000 Upgrade Sound System

The performing arts is such a highlight at Rhema!  The students perform numerous times on our stage throughout the school year.  You may be surprised to learn that the sound system they have to use is conservatively 25 years old and has continued to be overlooked while the advancement of technology has boomed.  Rhema also rents additional microphones for the Spring musicals each year.  The short term investment of upgrading our sound system would offer us a superior system at the cost of what we would pay for less than five microphone rentals...! 


$3,500 Automatic Floor Scrubbing Machine

We have about 165 children, 30 staff members, and always additional families and workers consistently bringing dirt and germs across our school floors every single day.  Our cleaning crew needs to scrub our floors every day to keep up with the traffic.  This process is very time consuming and (to allow mopped floors dry without accidents) it requires them to be cleaned only in the evenings.  An upgraded floor machine would use less cleaning products, dry the floor instantly so they could be cleaned throughout the day, and take at least half of the time and effort!


$12,000 Upgrade the Heat in a Classroom!

A few summers ago, Rhema installed new heating units in many of our classrooms, but we still have several classrooms to go.  Help us complete our goal by providing central heat and air to all of our classrooms!


$15,000 Repair Aging Boiler Room

The core of Rhema's building was built in the 1930s and parts of it are in need of some TLC and assistance with qualified professionals - helping repair this item will secure Rhema's future in this building for years to come!


$140,000 Replace the School Roof

Although a large investment would be needed, the school's roof is in need of being replaced.  The maintenance team continues to work hard to patch leaks as they occur, but we pray that a blessing will provide us a new roof before the leaks become any more problematic.  If you are looking for a significant tax deduction - you could literally keep a roof over our heads!


Many businesses and individuals seek places to donate to in order to receive a higher tax break, so please share the opportunities at Rhema with your friends and family - you are helping them in addition to Rhema's students.  Remember, even the smallest donation will help as we know that God is able to multiply gifts! 

All donations for this year’s tax purposes must be received by December 31, 2020.  To make donating faster and more efficient, you can now give electronically at the top of this page.

I hope you and your family are blessed this holiday season with the love, peace, and hope that only comes from our Lord and Savior.  Thank you for your continued support of Rhema Christian School!


**NOTE:  There is a portion of the year-end contributions that has been budgeted for other needs already.  Once that portion has been surpassed, the above categories will be fulfilled as designated.

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