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Rhema Christian School Athletics is discipleship in action. We strive to offer the most excellent instruction to boys and girls in their chosen fields of sport ~ basketball, soccer, volleyball,  and track and field. Our middle school student-athletes travel to compete schools from a multi-county area in the Southwestern Christian Athletic Conference. The Rhema Athletics Department also offers elementary ages the opportunity to participate in developmental leagues and camps.

Each sport is coached by men and women of skill and expertise coupled with an intensity to confer God's own heart upon the student-athletes in our protective care. We have been entrusted with a God-given and God-sized responsibility of using the platform of sport to help shape our student-athletes hearts and minds, to tap their DNA and propel them further into their unique futures that the Living God has mapped out for them. We recognize our role as an extension of the discipleship that is already occurring at home, church, and school. We humbly seek to compliment and accentuate those efforts.

The Rhema Athletics Department's goal is to see your child and our student-athletes excel at their chosen sport, develop in character, be productive in service and along the way grow up into their identity in Jesus Christ thus becoming life-long, fruit-bearing disciples impacting their world with the light and life of the Living God. WE ARE .... RHEMA!




This team provides students with the opportunity to show their school spirit while cheering on their fellow classmates and glorifying God. The leadership opportunities are abundant and are passed down, year to year, to new and upcoming students. Many of the girls gain self confidence and become more comfortable performing in front of crowds. I approach coaching in a way that has the girls take ownership of the team. I'm there to provide them with tools and equipment necessary as well as assist them as they work together as a team. Because of this there has been a bond made between girls that may not have been made otherwise, due to a difference in grade level. My hope is to see the team grow, cheers and leadership continue to be passed on from year to year, that we can go out and shine for Jesus, encourage those we cheer for, glorify God and represent Rhema in a positive manner.