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School Board

School Board

The Board of Directors constitutes the authority for Rhema Christian School, Inc.  The policies that it establishes, the personnel it employs and the manner in which it functions affects the daily life of the staff, faculty, and students. Responsibility ultimately rests upon the Board for policy which will direct the growth and quality of the school.

Current Board Members:

Eric Wygant, President

Marella McConnell, Vice President

Jennifer Tarquinio, Treasurer

Lisa Voloch, Secretary

Melissa Nossal, Member at Large


Rev. Randall Clow


Duties of the School Board

Serve as spiritual leaders of the school, waiting upon God for His direction.

Exercise oversight of the entire school.

Establish sound policies in harmony with the Constitution of the school.

Employ competent personnel whom they will hold accountable to affect the policies of the school and to carry out the educational programs.

Provide necessary buildings, equipment, and supplies.

Establish the annual budget and the methods of financing the work.

Devise ways and means for obtaining the necessary funds for operating the school.

Assist in interpreting the school to the Christian and local community.

Do advance planning for the school’s growth.

Direct the administration to maintain a good working relationship with local Christian school, with local public school, with the State Department of Education, with regional accrediting associations and with Christian school associations.

Act as final authority on problems arising within the school.

Designate a board member to visit the school each month to assure itself of the faithful carrying out of the school’s educational program and policies.

Appoint out of the Corporation such committees, as it may deem necessary for the performance of its duties.

Qualifications of Board Members

All Board members will acknowledge their belief and acceptance of the school’s Tenets of Faith, the Constitution and By-Laws.

They will be committed Christians.

They will be in full agreement with the said Tenets of Faith.

They shall be active and in good standing in their respective churches.

They will understand and be committed to the philosophy, goals and objectives of Rhema Christian School and the cause of Christian education in today’s culture.

They must be a member in good standing of the Corporation.

They must not have any serious discipline problems with children enrolled at Rhema.

Each Board member having school-aged children shall have them enrolled at RCS unless RCS does not provide an appropriate program.


Do you want to attend a board meeting?

Typically, board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm and are open to everyone unless meeting in “executive session." Any member of the Rhema family is encouraged to attend and find out how God is blessing this school. If you wish to address the Board, please contact us at least a week before the meeting so you can be put on the agenda. There are times when the agenda is very tight and without prior knowledge of your desire to address the Board, we may not be able to allocate enough time for you to speak.


Mr. Eric Wygant,


Mrs. Marella McConnell, 
Vice President


Mrs. Jennifer Tarquinio,


Mrs. Lisa Voloch,



Rev. Randall Clow,