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It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Rhema Christian School. Our mission is to come along side parents to raise up godly leaders for the next generation. At Rhema, students develop a sense of self rooted in a divine call. Through an emphasis on scholarship, leadership, and a Christian world-view, children practice and develop skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, creation and presentation. By balancing mastery of foundational knowledge with project based learning, Rhema students are equipped to be life-long learners and disciples who see themselves as God’s own agents of grace to every person’s world.

This all begins with an exemplary teaching staff that sees their work as a ministry. One of the first things you will notice as you enter the building is the love and joy with which every staff member enthusiastically engages the children. They make it a place of discovery and encounter with God. Whether the students are hatching butterflies, building robots, debating topics, giving speeches, making music, or acting in dramas they are finding the wonder of God in everything they do. From ministry field trips that have children raking the yards of disabled adults, to week-long mission trips building a home for the poor a state away, students are constantly applying the lessons learned in mathematics, science, language and fine arts.

Everything we do is for a greater purpose at Rhema Christian School. Children not only learn what to think, but how to think. They not only accumulate knowledge but embody it in their daily decisions. They develop a work ethic that honors God and those around them. They learn how their actions have consequences. And they experience all of this in an atmosphere of grace and belief in them as children of God.

When students graduate from Rhema Christian School, they are prepared to succeed academically, socially, spiritually, and physically. We consistently hear from alumni and alumni families how confident and ready they are for high school, college and the world beyond. They point to teachers, projects, mission trips, dramas, and athletic teams as lasting influences that still serve to shape their lives and choices.

I encourage you to come and experience the “Rhema difference” by calling for an educational consultation or by dropping by for one of our “Walk-In-Wednesdays.” As a parent of 2 children that attend the school I can say as a father that I could not be happier to see the impact a Rhema education is having on my own children. They have grown to be spiritual leaders in prayer, in service, in knowledge and in character. I am confident that yours will too.

God’s best to you as you seek His will for the development of your children!

Chris Berndt – Principal, Rhema Christian School