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Important Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information – March 16, 2020


We are summarizing below some key points for the next couple of weeks as it relates to Rhema instruction. Once again, students will be having this week off while teachers design and rollout remote instruction for the next several weeks and possibly beyond depending on the changing nature of the situation.



1. This week is a week off for students (March 16-20)

This week, teachers are working together to design and rollout the very best remote instruction for each class. This instruction will last from 1 week to the end of the school year – whatever is required – starting next week.

We will get this week back, at least partially, during standardized testing since we will be paring that back due to the situation. We are also far ahead of the 990 instructional hours required by the state.

At this point we are not anticipating cancelling Easter Break and using those days for instruction.


2. Beginning next Monday (March 23) remote instruction will commence.

Students will have a suggested daily schedule for academic time, physical fitness time, devotional time and creative time.

This will last at least 1 week and could extend through April or to the end of the school year depending upon what is mandated by our government.


3. On Friday of this week – Parents Pick Up Materials

Parents will pick up materials with hard copy instructions from their child’s(children’s) homeroom classroom(s) and classroom teacher(s). This includes books and other items needed for the weeks ahead.Middle school grades 6-8

Middle school (6-8) parents will be provided with a checklist of items to bring home. This list will come via email from the middle school department before Friday.

Be aware of what items on the checklist your child already has at home.

When you arrive, you will go to your child’s locker. Their name will printed on their locker. You will empty the locker of all books and materials. You can bring a bag or container to carry these materials in.

You may need to pick up a chromebook for your student depending upon your answer to the technology survey that will be coming to you independently. The chromebook will be in your child’s homeroom and will be distributed to you from the homeroom teacher. So please stop into the homeroom of your 6-8 grade child.

This pick up will be facilitated between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and again from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. If you cannot make one of these times, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

If at all possible, do not bring your children with you during this pick up.


4. Teachers will be communicating via email each week and in some cases each day with updates, encouragement and directions.

Feel free to communicate via email with your child/children’s classroom teacher(s) when you have a question about instruction or procedure.


5. Teachers are following these principles in the design of their instruction recognizing that each parent cannot serve as a homeschool teacher for every subject:

  • Avoiding overload of the average parent
  • Meaningful vs. busy work
  • Reflection on learning provided in the plan
  • Assessment and feedback provided in the plan
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Essentials vs. details
  • Weekly communication
  • Digital and traditional instructional delivery


6. You will be receiving a simple technology access survey. Please fill it out as soon as you receive it.

This will help us to know what is needed and how we can deliver instruction most effectively.


7. We are postponing the following events until further notice:

  • Grandparents Day – April 3
  • The Student/Staff Basketball Game at OLSH – March 21
  • All spring athletics practices and games/meets
  • Outside the Box Labs after school STEM experience
  • Drama practices
  • Any other event that would gather 50 or more people


8. Office Hours

Our school office hours will be 9:00am-3:00pm Monday through Friday during this season of social isolation.

We will handle calls and respond to email messages during those times.


Please, during this time especially, remember to look to the Lord and his strength. Be patient with yourself, others and the work of God. Be humble and repentant as opposed to judgmental and entitled. Spend time leading your family spiritually. Be willing to make tough decisions and to hold your children and yourself accountable. Do not allow your children to digress into hours of unbridled video games and screen time. Instead, seek to follow something like the attached schedule during this week. It is very much like the schedule we will be providing on Friday for ongoing remote instruction. Help your kids to serve others who may be scared or lonely or isolated in your neighborhood. Some churches are providing ministries to care for the elderly and shut in. Check with your church to see how you might be able to involve your family. Finally, stay tuned as more guidance, encouragement and information will be coming to you from Rhema on a regular basis.


God is at work during this time. And he is calling you and me to be his dedicated vessels. What an amazing opportunity!


God’s grace to you and yours,


Chris Berndt – principal, Rhema Christian School